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Greenbox Art + Culture

Founders Tom & Karen Capp~ Our company's decade-plus-long journey is this – we make art that makes a difference. What began with two parents seeking a better solution is now a group of more than 300+ artists and 30 team members. Journeying (thankfully) from our small garage to now a 28,000 square foot facility, we remain as committed as ever to providing simply the best art. Oopsy Daisy's sibling companies include GreenBox Art + Culture with Art for the Home and Wheatpaste Art Collective with Art for Teens.GreenBox Art + Culture proudly represents the most creative artists, illustrators, and photographers of today. Whimsical giclee art and art prints by many wonderful artists. Made in the USA for the highest quality. Some of our best-selling items are our tea towels, aprons, oven mitts & pillows.